A RUF stands for the
passionate commitment to the automobile

The RUF top models - sports cars do not necessarily have to be uncompromising.

Do you have a basic idea of ​​what type of vehicle you would like to own but haven't found the right model yet? Then let yourself be inspired here or talk to us directly! As a manufacturer, we not only offer small series production, but also individual solutions as required.

Drivability, durability and reliability - in all situations - this is what RUF stands for. Our sports cars combine maximum driving performance, suitability for everyday use and individuality. Whether open in the roadster or closed in the coupé - pure driving pleasure is a must.


With a carbon fiber monocoque completely designed and manufactured by RUF, the CTR is a tribute to the legendary “Yellow Bird”, the first RUF biturbo coupé that amazed the world of super sports cars 30 years ago.

CTR3 Evo
Evolution of Excellence

A Symphony of Power, Precision, and Pure Evolution. Brace yourself for the next level of automotive excellence.

Pure driving pleasure

A driving experience that is second to none, because 510 hp have to do with only 1,250 kilograms and only at 320 km / h are driving resistance and engine power in balance.

A Helmet-Only theatrical driving experience

This radical study blends innovation & elegance, to evoke an unparalleled sense of freedom.
RUF SCR Heckansicht