Highest Perfection
leaves no room for compromise

The name RUF has stood for competence in dealing with automobiles for more than 80 years.

Here at RUF Automobile, we believe that in any pursuit, whether it’s bowling, horse-riding, skiing, swimming or any other sport, you can expect to find conviviality, camaraderie and like-minded people. And that goes for car enthusiasts too: we have always been delighted by the bonhomie and enthusiasm of the people we meet and deal with around the world. But real car enthusiasts are not merely concerned with a particular brand or value – they are fans of cars in general.

In aural terms, it’s exemplified by that symphony of turbos sucking for air, wastegates whistling and exhausts popping, that magic sound you hear as you floor the throttle, the affirmation for choosing RUF, and why that choice was always going to be a foregone conclusion.


Current RUF models at a glance

Our relentless pursuit of the highest perfection leaves no room for second-best solutions.

RUF Fashion

Inspired by our legendary automobiles, we play lovingly with design elements from our everyday lives in our collection. With RUF Fashion you always cut a good figure off the road.

RUF Performance

Exclusive and full of character: That is our claim for the individualization of your vehicle with RUF Performance Parts. Regardless of whether you are looking for more power, better deceleration or a special look for your vehicle, you will find your personal RUF detail in our shop.

The world of RUF in pictures

If you have a basic idea of ​​what makes RUF so fascinating, where our vehicles are traveling and with whom we connect, then you will always be there live.

Let yourself be inspired.